JOMO – the Joy of Missing Out

Who’s heard of JOMO? I hadn’t either, but I was familiar with the term FOMO – fear of missing out. It’s FOMO that drives us to scroll through social media the minute we wake up, check news sites obsessively and accept social invitations to events we really can’t bothered going to, we just don’t want to miss out! We want to be able to show on our own social media channels that we have a life too!

But here’s the thing, relaxing and doing nothing are also an important part of life. Many of the clients I see in my Hypnotherapy Practice are struggling simply because they’re packing too much into their lives, and our brains aren’t designed to cope with that level of activity. We need time to process our thoughts and activities and recharge, and when we don’t give ourselves that time our mental health suffers. The most common result of packing too much in that I see in clients is insomnia. When we sleep, we process the events of the day, and if we have too much to process our brain pings us awake in the early hours of the morning, as a self-defence mechanism. So, we don’t get enough quality sleep, wake up tired and irritable, and this starts a downward spiral.

So, here are my top tips for embracing JOMO

  • We’re often told to schedule exercise into our diaries to make it a priority, the same needs to happen for relaxation. Build time in your weekly schedule to relax. For me, that means no work or chores on Sunday. It’s a day for family, relaxation and fresh air.
  • Limit social media, it’s amazing how much extra time you have when you’re not scrolling for updates! You might have a total ban one day a week; or have a rule not to go on it for the first and last two hours of the day.
  • Have a good sleep routine – many clients with insomnia go straight from an activity to bed and then struggle to sleep. You need time to switch off and relax, maybe have a bath or read a book. If you’re watching TV try and avoid tense dramas!
  • If you have children, try and avoid the temptation to pack their evenings and weekends with clubs and sports. Kids especially are learning constantly and need time to unwind. They will benefit from time to just play and use their imagination, and you’ll certainly benefit from not being on taxi duty every night!

If you are struggling with relaxation or sleep, contact me for a free consultation to see how hypnotherapy can help.