5 Top Tips to Increase Confidence Quickly

Most of us struggle with confidence from time to time. Many of my clients come to me having lost confidence due to events in their lives, which makes sense. When we’re faced with stressful life events, our brains want to protect us and keep us safe; that means staying firmly in our ‘comfort zone’!

Confidence usually comes back with time, but some of my clients don’t have time to wait! You may have lost confidence after being treated poorly at work but then you have to apply for another job. You may be going through a difficult personal situation but need to nail a presentation at work.

Here’s the thing with confidence; the saying ‘Fake it ‘till you make it’ really works! Here’s why; your brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. So, imagine it’s your first day in a new job and you’re worried about being late. Every time you think about being late, your brain thinks you are late. By the time that Monday morning comes around, you’ve thought about being late 50 times. You’re actually on time, but as far as your brain’s concerned you’ve been late 51 times! No wonder you’re stressed!

Luckily, the reverse is also true. If you think positive thoughts; if you tell yourself you feel calm, confident and in control, then your brain believes it!

So, here are some tips to increase your confidence in a hurry.

  1. Positive Affirmations

Remember, your brain believes what you tell it. So, try saying out loud things like:

I am confident

I can do this

I am great at my job

2. Remind yourself of all your achievements. If you’ve lost confident after being treated poorly at work for example, it’s easy to focus on all the negative emotions you felt. Instead, try writing a list of everything you’ve ever achieved or been proud of. You’ll be surprised how long the list is!

3. Try Power Poses. The way you carry yourself affects how you feel. Think Wonder Woman! There’s a great video which explains this, check out https://youtu.be/phcDQ0H_LnY

4. Spend some time focusing on the present. We spend far too much time going over the past or worrying about the future. Try mindfulness, meditation, walking in nature or of course, hypnotherapy.

5. Exercise will release feel-good chemicals that will help you feel better about yourself. Even a 20-minute walk in nature will have an impact.

If you have an important event coming up where you need to perform well; such as a driving test, exam, presentation or job interview, then hypnotherapy can help. Call me on 07973914718 for more information.