How to Build Resilience

This week is Stress Awareness Week and the focus is on resilience. Why? Because building resilience is one of the most powerful tools we have for managing stress.
In previous blogs I’ve talked about the effect prolonged stress can have on our mental and physical health. But as a recap, it can lead to anything from insomnia and anxiety to high blood pressure and heart disease. Definitely not something we want!

Modern life can be stressful – at some times more so than others. And while we can’t always change what’s stressing us (think redundancy, divorce, illness etc.) if we can build our resilience, we can cope better with what life throws at us. Think of it as our ability to bounce back. The quicker we’re able to bounce back the lower our stress levels and the better our health!

And the good news is that resilience is a skill that can be learnt and developed. Great news for me, as I’m not naturally resilient! Like many others, I have to work at it. 

So how do we do it? Here are my top tips, which I’ll be exploring more in this week’s blogs.

• Sleep, exercise and eat well – sleep is the cornerstone of good health

• Think positive – negative thinking increases anxiety and lowers the immune system. And you can change the way you think. I’ll show you how

• Learn from mistakes and failures – when things go wrong see what you can take from the situation to help you move forwards and get better

• Choose your response – while we can’t always control what happens to us, we can always choose our response

• Maintain perspective – it can be easy to blow things out of proportion but in reality, most bad times will pass

• Set goals and live to your purpose – read about Ikigai to find out how important a sense of purpose is

• Build your self-confidence – yes, it can be done!

• Develop strong relationships with friends and colleagues – we all need support

• Focus on being flexible – the more you can do to stretch your comfort zone the more resilient you’ll be.

Keep an eye on this weeks blogs for more detail:

Tuesday – how to look after your physical health to help you manage stress
Wednesday – why thinking positively is so important and how to re-train your brain
Thursday – how to choose your response in any given situation
Friday – How to build your self-confidence.

I’d love to know how you manage stress and build your own resilience so get in touch on my facebook page Step Ahead Hypnotherapy and let’s all help each other!