Choose Your Response

It can be said that everything in life falls into one of these three circles; things you can control, things you can’t control but can influence, and things you can neither control nor influence.

We create a lot of stress for ourselves when we spend too much time worrying about those things in the 3rd circle. If that’s you, I can recommend S.U.M.O by Paul McGee. It’s got some great strategies to help you stop worrying about things outside of your control or influence.

Sometimes, we can reduce our stress levels by focusing on things we can control or influence – and it’s normally a bigger list than it looks! For example, you can’t control the weather, but you have some influence over whether you get wet by checking the weather report and carrying an umbrella. You can’t control the traffic, but you can check google maps before you set off and pick the least congested route. Taking control and being proactive, in however small a way, helps reduce stress levels.

And remember, even when you’re not able to control or influence a situation, you can ALWAYS choose your response!

If you’re late for work because of a crash on the motorway you can:
A) Panic about being late, moan how unfair it is and let it ruin your day

B) Be thankful you’re not in the crash, call work to let them know, and put on your favourite tunes

Which response do you think will do you the most good?