How to Build Self Confidence

To round off Stress Awareness Week, I’m looking at how to build your self-confidence to increase your resilience.

Self-confident people believe in themselves and in their ability to cope with challenging situations, and the good news is that you can build self-confidence, if you work at it.

So, which of these seem more like you?

Confident Behaviour Behaviour associated with low self-confidence
Doing what you believe it right, no matter what others think Trying to fit in
Being willing to take risks for a better future Staying in your comfort zone because you’re afraid of failure
Accepting compliments graciously ‘oh this old thing?’

 If you identify more with the behaviours on the right side, let’s look at building your self confidence

10 Steps to building self-confidence:
1. Reflect on your achievements – write a list of everything you’ve achieved in your life so far

2. Complete a SWOT analysis, what are your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities?

3. Set goals for what you want to achieve. Set goals that exploit your strengths, minimise your weaknesses, make the most of your opportunities and control the threats you face. Break your goals down into small steps

4. Use the Positive Thinking technique in Wednesdays blog to control any negative thoughts that might be getting in your way

5. Use positive affirmations. Remember, your brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality so what you tell yourself, your brain will believe! Try saying out loud; ‘I can do this’, ‘I’m great at my job’, regularly and your brain will start to believe you!

6. Celebrate each small step you take and note down everything that has gone well

7. Visualise success for the same reason. If you imagine yourself doing well then, your brain believes you’ve already done well, and this increases your confidence!

8. Reframe any failures as mistakes to learn from. It took Thomas Edison 10,001 attempts to make the light bulb. He said “I’ve not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. Each failure took him one step closer to success.

9. Take small steps outside of your comfort zone – whenever you challenge yourself in a manageable way, you build your confidence. Try driving a new route home, or trying a new recipe.

10. Remember to celebrate and record your successes!

And if all else fails – fake it till you make it!