New Year, New You?

So, it’s the middle of January – how are you getting on with your New Year’s Resolutions? Did you set them? Are you sticking to them?

Studies show about half of us make New Year’s Resolutions but less than 10% manage to stick at them for more than a few months. I’m not surprised, seeing as they usually involve denying ourselves what we like the most when we’re dealing with the come down from Christmas and a few months left of Winter! Who said they were going to:
• Stop drinking?
• Go on a strict diet?
• Stop spending money?

Does that sound like fun? That’s why I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions years ago! What I make are New Year plans! What’s the difference? They’re things I want to achieve over the next year, things I want to do to add to my life, and they get me excited! I plan in things that make me happy, as well as aiming for things that will improve my life.

So, here are some of my plans this year:
• Have weekend adventures with my friend who recently moved to London
• Have a spa day with my busy mum friend who I don’t spend enough time with
• Go to the theatre because I love it!
• Go gin tasting with my mum because we both love gin!
• Get a new kitchen
• Grow my business to help more people take back control and live their best lives

I’m also really excited to be working on improving my fitness. Last year I was finally able to flip that switch that enabled me to get control of my diet and reach a healthy weight and this year I want to get fit! Do things like a pull up, the splits, proper press ups! So, if anyone can give me advice on this get in touch!

To any of you who haven’t made some exciting plans this this year there’s no time like the present! Pour yourself a glass of the leftover Christmas alcohol, grab a notebook and jot down some things you can get excited about. I’d suggest some plans along the following lines:

• Things you can do to look after yourself and improve your wellbeing
• People you want to spend more time with
• Projects that will improve your quality of life – maybe a qualification, new job, work on the house

Then break them down into bite-size actions to make sure they happen! I like to plan my year in 3-month chunks. So, by the end of March I’ll have seen Phantom of the Opera, had a spa day with my friend, been gin tasting with my mum and booked a weekend away with my friend who lives in London. My fitness plans need a bit more work so watch this space!

Whatever your plans, I hope you have some you can get excited about and step ahead into 2020 raring to go!!

Ps – New Year, new You? You’re perfect just the way you are!

PPS If you are looking to make changes to your health and wellbeing check out these tips