How does Hypnotherapy work online?

Most of us are doing more online than we ever imagined; from shopping to visiting museums to family quizzes. We’ve all had to learn new skills and get used to being seen on video! But how about hypnotherapy, can that work online?

The answer is yes, it absolutely works online. In fact, it even has some benefits over face to face sessions.


  • It saves time. An appointment is an hour long, but once you add travel time, you can usually write 2 hours off. Popping on zoom at a time to suit you takes less time out of your day
  • You don’t have to worry about parking, or finding your way to a new place.
  • The treatment is so relaxing that most of my clients wish they could stay longer and have a nap afterwards. If you’re already on your own bed you can!


Many online clients have the same questions and concerns, so let me see if I can answer them here.

I’m not very good with technology

Neither am I! I use Zoom which is really easy to use, you don’t need to set up an account or download any software. I send you an email with a link; you click on the link and we can both see and talk to each other. If that’s not possible then I’ve also done sessions on WhatsApp video and even over the phone.

Is it private?

Completely. We use zoom and protect privacy with a password encrypted invite. It’s just you and me on the call, and it’s my responsibility to make sure the conversation is not overheard.

What happens if my kids, dogs etc. come in during the hypnosis – will it stop it working?

Absolutely not. While I do ask you to go somewhere quiet where you can relax and turn your phone off, interruptions happen! Hypnosis is just a deep relaxation, somewhere between being awake and asleep. If you’re interrupted, you’ll very quickly go back into a relaxed state. It’s a bit like when you hit snooze on your alarm in the morning. You quickly fall back asleep and the more often you hit snooze the deeper you can fall back asleep! In fact, I’ve had some sessions where kids and dogs have joined the relaxation session and they’ve all drifted off!

Is it safe?

Hypnosis is really just a deep relaxation. You are always fully in control. So if, for instance, your smoke alarm went off during the session you would hear it and react to it. I will always make sure you’re fully awake before I end the session and will take your phone number just in case we lose the internet connection.

What happens during the session?

We spend the first 30 minutes talking and the next 30 minutes is the hypnosis. You’ll be asked to lie down or sit and make yourself comfortable and close your eyes while I talk you through the guided relaxation. If you like you can play your own relaxation music, or I can send you a track to put on in the background. At the end I’ll ask you to open your eyes and we end the session. You can then get up and go about your day or relax a bit longer, maybe even have a nap. Most clients find they have a great night’s sleep after the session.

Shouldn’t I just wait until I can have a face to face session?

The current epidemic is affecting us all in different ways. Many people are struggling to sleep and are feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Hypnotherapy can help you take back control and improve your health and wellbeing. In the same way that if you felt a tickle in your throat you might take some vitamin C to prevent a cold, you can take steps to prevent mental ill-health. If you need help and support, it is available so please reach out.

Many people are now feeling like they want to get on with their lives. So if that involves reducing anxiety, conquering a fear or refocusing on goals, then hypnotherapy can help.

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