What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is simply a focused state of mind during which you’re deeply relaxed but not asleep. We call this guided relaxation a ‘trance’. We all go into trance dozens of times a day. For example, have you ever driven somewhere, arrived at your destination but realized you haven’t been aware of the journey? That’s trance. You may not be able to recall the journey, but you were always in control, able to brake if someone pulled out in front of you for example. Using trance gives us access to the subconscious mind, and that’s really powerful when it comes to making positive changes.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Generally, yes, as long as they want to be! Whoever says they can’t be hypnotised is right, as you need to be a part of the process and you are always fully in control. Remember, it is simply a state of deep relaxation.

How does Hypnosis help?

The deep relaxation achieved during trance allows the conscious and the sub-conscious mind to work together to solve problems. Think of it as a way to re-programme the brain. The sub-conscious mind is more receptive to suggestions during trance. In Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy we don’t use direct suggestions, as we believe you’re the expert in your own life. Instead, we focus on what steps you want to take to move forward and then use the trance to embed changes.

Am I under your control?

You are always in charge. If you hear something in trance that you don’t find beneficial then your brain will reject it. You can awaken fully at any time if you felt uncomfortable or threatened for example. Similarly, you can’t be made to do or say anything you don’t want. If you’ve ever seen a stage hypnotist show, volunteers are carefully selected because of their outgoing nature and they know exactly what they’re doing when they’re walking around like a funky chicken!

What happens in therapy sessions?

During the first session, I’ll take some basic information, then explain how the brain works, how problems can develop and what can be done to help. You’ll be given a link for a relaxation download and advised to listen to it every day before sleep. This will help enormously. At following sessions we’ll work on how you want your life to be and what small changes you can make to move you closer to your goal. You’ll then be guided into relaxation and trance.

Am I safe to drive afterwards?

As we only use a light trance you’re perfectly safe to drive after our sessions. However, please don’t ever listen to the relaxation download while driving, or in the bath!

How does it work online?

For online sessions I use zoom. This is really easy to use and if you’ve not used it before I can talk you through it. All you need is a stable internet connection, and a device with a camera. For the hypnosis part, you’ll just need a comfortable chair or bed. Having your session online saves you time, and allows you to have a nice snooze afterwards! And don’t worry about interruptions, kids and dogs can benefit too!