Hypnotherapy Meditation for Menopause


This Hypnotherapy Guided Relaxation Download will help you to relax and improve your sleep in the lead up to the Menopause.


This deep sleep hypnotherapy meditation has been written by me to improve your sleep during the menopause. In the lead up to the menopause, rising anxiety, hot flashes and sweating can disrupt your sleep. This download will help you to relax and feel cooler.

This download should be listened to every night consistently for at least 2 weeks, but the longer you listen to it the more beneficial it will be.

Instructions for use:

  • Lie down in bed, pop the download on, and allow yourself to relax and fall asleep whilst listening.
  • You may stir slightly at the end of recording and this can allow you to remove any headphones you may be wearing, turn off your device, and roll over.
  • You may hear all of the words, you may hear none of the words; either way, you can’t ‘do it wrong’. Your subconscious can always hear all of the words.
  • Please ensure you are in a safe place when listening (not in the bath or driving, blow out any candles or fire hazards).
  • Be consistent.
  • If you wake during the night playing it again can help you to fall back asleep

How to access your download:

Once purchase is completed you will receive a URL website link to watch your Hypnotherapy Meditation for Menopause via email.  Please allow up to 24hours for your email to arrive, though most find it in their inbox instantly.

Please Note:

Due to the instant nature of this downloadable product no refunds are available, and you accept this upon purchase of this item.  In the event of any technical issues with your download please get in touch.  Your statutory rights are unaffected.