Absolutely fantastic!

“Absolutely fantastic! Caroline is an extremely professional, positive and warm therapist who has helped me through all sorts (and I’m not sure I would have survived lockdown without her!). If you want to make changes to your life, she can give you the tools and support you need to succeed. I cannot recommend her enough! She also offers Zoom consultations which are excellent, so perfect whatever your location.”

Fear of Driving

I can’t praise Caroline enough for the way she has given me back my self-esteem. When my husband retired, it was agreed we couldn’t justify running two cars. Since then I have rarely driven, mainly due to my husband’s love of driving. However recently I realised I did not want to lose my ability to drive, both practically and because it was affecting my confidence. I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Caroline, and at the second session I fell asleep and could not remember the new patterns of behaviour Caroline had suggested to cope with my fear of driving. Caroline told me that my subconscious mind had taken this in. Was she right! A few days later I started to drive again as if I had never stopped. Well done Caroline, I can’t thank you enough.