Steps to a Happier, Healthier You!

Like many people, I’ve lost and gained weight all my adult life! I started my first diet when I was 17 and when I went to University a year later, I had the figure I’d always wanted! But when I went home for Christmas 10 weeks later, I’d gained 2 stone. One memory that sticks in my mind of that time was eating a whole cheesecake that hadn’t even fully defrosted! Why would I ruin all that hard work with such self-destructive behaviour? It took me a long time to figure out that it was a coping mechanism. I felt like a fish out of water at Uni and if I put weight on, I had an excuse to hide away in my room and promise myself I’d socialise when I’d lost the weight! Since then I’ve lost and gained weight many times, but I eventually realised that it was always in times of stress I gained the weight. The classic comfort eater. I only really understood the relationship between our emotions and how we eat when I trained to become a hypnotherapist. Since then, I’ve used what I learnt to lose 2 stones and keep it off.

Most weight loss approaches focus on diet or exercise, missing the most important piece of the puzzle – mindset. When I met Emily Dawes, a physical fitness and mindset coach (  I knew we could team up and bring you the complete package.

Our Programme offers you:

  • Three, 90-minute masterclasses, looking at mindset, food, nutrition and movement
  • A comprehensive workbook full of exercises, tools and strategies, and diary pages
  • A hypnosis download, which will improve sleep and help keep you on track
  • An exercise video showing you 4, 5-minute exercises that you can do in an ad break
  • Membership of a private facebook group, where you can get support from each other, and us

The next group starts on 3 Jan and costs £85. You can book here 

Contact me for more dates and prices. This is currently delivered in an online group but we’re happy to do private groups if you have enough friends or colleagues wanting to take back control.